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Fairfax Rejects Application for Cannabis Dispensary

by Adrian Rodriguez / Marin Independent Journal

A proposal to open a cannabis dispensary in Fairfax has been denied.

The Town Council voted 4 to 1 on Wednesday to reject the application to open a dispensary at 930 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. The company Element 7 proposed to replace Mana Bowls, an acai cafe, with a dispensary called Fairfax Remedy.

The nay vote came from Councilwoman Barbara Coler, who said she thought the applicants put together a good proposal.

“Unfortunately, my fellow councilmembers didn’t want to support the application because they did not like the location,” Coler said after the meeting.

The decision came after the council voted last month to delay its vote following a three-hour public hearing. The application appeared headed for defeat in the face of public opposition.

Fairfax is home to Marin Alliance CBC, which opened in 1997 and is the only marijuana operation in town. The business has been permitted to deliver to recreational customers over the age of 21.

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