Find Your Way Campaign and Resource Guide: Fostering Youth Wellness

The purpose of the Find Your Way campaign is to promote help seeking and connection to local youth resources to support well-being.  This campaign, along with the Resource Guide, is designed by youth for youth and promotes messages that are accessible and relatable.  

Find Your Way offers opportunities for involvement in youth driven projects in collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Collaboration, OD Free Marin, The Marin County Free Library and other partners.  Find Your Way also offers a scholarship program for youth (ages 12 – 25 years) who are already participating in community programs in Marin County, or those who are interested in volunteering or participating in community work.

The digital guide serves as a centralized hub of information on support services, hotlines and community resources available to young people in areas of mental health, substance use and recovery, sexual health, basic needs, immigration and more. The printed version (in both English and Spanish) focuses on what it’s like to grow up in Marin, information about the importance of connection and understanding stigma around getting needed support, some key resources, and testimonials from students that have reached out for help. The guide also includes helpful tips for talking to friends or family who may need some support.

Download Resource Guides

Find Your Way guide (English)