Text MARIN to 741741
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In Crisis? Text MARIN to 741741

To help address a growing mental health need, County of Marin is now offering our youth another means of support through a co-branded text line – Text MARIN to 741741. The Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7, confidential crisis counseling via text and is a great place to turn when experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use, suicidal ideation, or anything in between. While available to any age, Crisis Text Line predominantly attracts those most comfortable texting for support, teens age 17 and under.

Crisis Text Line has one of the largest real-time mental health data sets in the world, which means they can identify trends and thus, help identify a community’s needs. Importantly, Marin’s co-branded text line with the unique keyword (MARIN) gives the County access to a data dashboard reflecting the impact of the text line. Information such as volume, issues (e.g., depression/sadness), comparisons to national Crisis Text Line data, and texter-reported demographic information such as age, race, and gender. Note that the data dashboard will reflect population level data only to help HHS better address needs within our community with no individual level identifying information available.

Note that CTL doesn’t yet have Spanish capability, but will have by the end of the calendar year.  Until that time, we will also be posting the Suicide Prevention hotline in both English and Spanish which can be found in the toolkit. 

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